the Scuttlefoot

Remember the monster under your bed? That suffocating feeling of dread that you got when your parent flicked off the light and left you alone in the dark? The long, sleepless night spent wondering if you would make it until morning? It's back. 


Innovative storytelling

The Scuttlefoot allows players to travel back in time to relive the terrors of lonely childhood nights. By using novel look-based technology to track player view the experience twists and turns to create a new narrative each time it is viewed. Look at the dresser and you might catch the glimpse of a tentacle quickly retreating into one of the drawers, turn to the window and you may find it inexplicably open (I swear dad closed it before he left), and whatever you do don't look under the bed...


Designed for vr

From the ground up, The Scuttlefoot was built for virtual reality. The presence that the Oculus Rift gives allows the player to inhabit the world of The Scuttlefoot. From the overly sized room to make the player feel smaller to the 3D sound system that means sometimes you can hear the monster before you see it, every design decision centered around the VR headset.




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Ryan Sandvik - Creative Director

Michael Reed - Lead 3D Artist

Mike Salyh - Producer

Ben Chapin - Animation

Grey Robbins - Sound Design


Concepted game plot, mechanics, and systems.

Designed game aesthetic and style.

Designed in game play space.

Commissioned, and directed animator for 2D animation assets.

Commissioned, and directed sound designer for audio assets.