Infiniti - Driver's seat

The Driver's Seat offers users with two exciting looks at Infiniti's Q60, a high performance concept car under development in 2015. The Dream Road, a look at how the Q60 would perform, and From Pencil to Metal, an in-depth look into how the car was designed. 


The Dream Road

The Dream Road takes users behind the wheel of the Q60 as it cruises the worlds most famous roads, stitched together perfectly to create one awesome drive.


From Pencil to metal

From Pencil to Metal gave users a peak behind the scenes into the design and care that went into the Q60.


Pebble Beach Automotive Week

In addition to being an app, The Dream Road was featured at the 2015 Pebble Beach Automotive Week. To pull this off Luma pictures partnered with CXC Simulations to build a car & show setup that synced perfectly with the twists & turns of the road. The seamless combination of the haptic feedback from the driver's seat and Luma's breakthrough visuals gave the automotive week goers a real sense of the power & performance they could expect from the Q60. 


Pioneering Tech

At the time of it's release, The Driver's Seat was the most visually ambitious VR piece ever released. In order to reliably display 2K images on the best available VR headset at the time (Oculus DK2), Luma had to build custom plugins & render processes. To reach it's full potential The Driver's Seat required perfect coordination between 1st & 3rd party developers, artists, directors, and the hardware teams. 



Coordinated tech between production, creative, and onsite teams.

Built custom app extensions to handle project playback on DK2.

Built custom computers capable of project playback.

Assisted in custom VR rendering pipeline development.