Step into the cockpit of your 6-story high mech killing machine as you fight against Humanix, a totalitarian corporation set on bending humanity to it's will. Archangel is an action-packed, story driven original VR game from Skydance Interactive.


Story-driven vr combat

When you step into the world of Archangel you step into a world of turmoil, as a member of the United Freedom Forces (UFF) it's your responsibility to get your team to safety and lead the rebellion. Your mech was developed in secret and is the UFF's last hope against Humanix, an evil corporation bent on snuffing out humanities free-will.  With each encounter you carry the weight of your team, and the rebellion on your shoulders.


A mech designed for comfort

Just because you're piloting military-grade tech doesn't mean you shouldn't be comfortable. We know that VR is a new medium and prolonged use can cause motion sickness, in order to provide a comfortable environment for players we put a lot of effort into the cockpit. A careful blend of moving, and static pieces in the cockpit keep the you grounded (and motion-sick free) as you do battle with the onslaught of Humanix hordes. 


Groundbreaking multiplayer vr

Archangel: Hellfire takes VR to the next level with a competitive PVP multiplayer mode, and an all new online cooperative mode. Battle the horde with your friends or test you skill against other players with Hellfire's all new multiplayer features. Both new modes feature complete free movement and new, engaging feature sets designed exclusively for online play! 




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"The most impressive experience of 2017 so far." - VR Today

"Skydance Interactive used mechs to near perfection." - Tom's Hardware


Concepted, and built 2 game levels.

Encounter design across multiple levels.

Built custom in-game systems.

Animated in-game story sequences.